Effective, Effortless Migration and Disaster Recovery

NaviClouDR provides a single policy solution to orchestrate workload movement and data protection across physical and virtual environments. Replication and recovery processes are automated for user-friendly protection and instant recovery.


  • NPS

    N.C. Protection Solution

    Protect applications and critical data with continuous replication. Snapshots and cloning provide a higher level of protection at a lower cost and skip the cumbersome traditional backup procedure. With the rapid recovery function, users are shielded against potential disasters while keeping businesses running at all times.

  • NRS

    N.C. Recovery Solution

    Ensures business continuity with an automated multi-cloud disaster recovery solution that meets critical RPO and RTO objectives. Continuous scheduled replication provides point-in-time recovery. The one-click disaster recovery scheme is integrated with various platforms and can be further customized with user scripts.

  • NMS

    N.C. Migration Solution

    Automated lift-and-shift migration with continuous replication and unlimited tests. Suitable for all kinds of scenarios and allows migrating Windows Server and Linux machines between on-premises and multiple cloud platforms. Agentless mode is available for VMware virtual machines.

  • NDS

    N.C. DevTest Solution

    Set up test environments with full clones of production datasets within minutes. Deploy and manage any number of test environments on multiple platforms from one portal. Run Dev/Test alongside other workloads without any impact on production.

Ransomware Proactive Protection

Detect, Protect, Recover.

100% success rate on system recovery and data regeneration. Respond to challenges with proactive strategies.
Proactive ransomware remediation plan automatically detects infection and makes it faster and easier to recover.

  • Identify Anomalies at Front-End

  • Snapshot Scans for Threats at Back-End

  • Timely Alert System

  • Acceletated Recovery: File, DR VM, Bare-Metal, etc.

NaviClouDR Migration & Disaster Recovery


  • Minimal Source Impact

    Customizable bandwidth consumption with low CPU and memory usage, which avoids impact on everyday business processes while maximizing the speed of replication.

  • Supports all Network Infrastructures

    Supports various IP network architectures, such as LAN, NAT, VPN, and Internet to or from any environment. Solution is flexible to be deployed based on the target internet infrastructure.

  • Customizable Automated Processes

    Define processes and disks to replicate within clicks, and tailor desired RPOs to meet business needs. Processes are automated to reduce errors and increase replication efficiency.

  • Intelligent Target Identification

    Automatic identification of target environment to create bootable recovered disk and machine. Minimize the need of human intervention and simplify the recovery flow.

  • Seamless Integration with Platforms

    Fully integrated with platform APIs to deliver complex workflows with simplicity and automation. Solution also provides RESTful APIs to allow for customization and meet various specifications.

  • Single Policy Recovery for All

    A unified protection scheme that applies to most recovery scenarios; from data center to cloud, cloud to cloud, or cloud to data center, etc. Reduce maintenance and learning barriers.

Application Scenarios

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Diversified Platforms

Cloud Support

Fully integrated with cloud service platforms, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, Mt. Jade Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, VMware, Tencent Cloud, eCloud, QingCloud, UCloud, Huawei Cloud, Cloud Alpha Edge, ZStack, and OpenStack. We are also able to support semi-automated migration and disaster recovery to platforms not listed below with our Replication Kit.

Multiple OS Covered

Workload Support

Various source platforms supported, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and VMware at the moment. More source support will be rolled out soon.